Mission Statement
"to Encourage, Promote and Enhance the Economic Posture, Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Biloxi Bay Area region." Through nine committees, the Biloxi Bay Area Chamber implements a program of work that encompasses every aspect of Biloxi and carries out the Chamber’s stated mission."

Culture & Heritage



Errol Bradley, Vice President

[email protected]





  • Working on a Westergard Boat Yard Monument as a tribute to the men who worked at the boat yard in the 1940’s
  • Co-sponsor of the Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour
  • Coordinate with the City of Biloxi for National Preservation Month programs
  • Partner with the Education Committee on History Essay Project
  • Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour.  Check out this clip from the 4th Annual Cemetery Tour: http://wongastudios.com/flv/bc/
  • Other committee projects:
  • “One Man Band”- restoration project
  • Plaques for the “12 Palms”- honoring Biloxians who died in WWI