Mission Statement
"to Encourage, Promote and Enhance the Economic Posture, Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Biloxi Bay Area region." Through nine committees, the Biloxi Bay Area Chamber implements a program of work that encompasses every aspect of Biloxi and carries out the Chamber’s stated mission."



The Biloxi Bay Chamber is working on a new resource for our Coast – a Speaker’s Bureau! We need your help – we’re looking for members who are willing to share their talents, knowledge and experience with others. This database will be published on the BBC Website and will be available to all local schools and organizations.

If you’re interested, please email the following information to:  [email protected]


Name / Phone / Email
Topic you would like to discuss


Thank you!!

Jennifer Pyron
Biloxi Public Schools
PR/Community Outreach


Tami Head, Co-chair

[email protected]

Phone: 228.224.7946


Jennifer Pyron, Co-chair

[email protected]

Phone: 228.918.6789


Ongoing projects:


Award annual Tri-Centennial Scholarship

Co-Sponsor Mardi Gras Shoe Box Float Contest

Student Advisors from Biloxi High and St. Patrick High School

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