Mission Statement
"to Encourage, Promote and Enhance the Economic Posture, Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Biloxi Bay Area region." Through nine committees, the Biloxi Bay Area Chamber implements a program of work that encompasses every aspect of Biloxi and carries out the Chamber’s stated mission."




General Statistics

Total persons 44,054
Persons Per Household 2.46
Median Household Income $44,519
Median Age 35.7
High School Graduates 85.3%
Bachelors Degree or Higher 22.9%



White 68%
Black 19%
Vietnamese 4%
Hispanic/Latino 8%


Labor Force Status

Total Labor Force 25,502
Civilian Labor Force 21,080
Armed Forces 2,560


Housing Unit Characteristics

Housing Units 21,278
Home Ownership Rate 56.8%



Per Capita Income

Biloxi $25,526
Mississippi $19,997



U.S. Bureau of the Census (2010)