Mission Statement
"to Encourage, Promote and Enhance the Economic Posture, Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Biloxi Bay Area region." Through nine committees, the Biloxi Bay Area Chamber implements a program of work that encompasses every aspect of Biloxi and carries out the Chamber’s stated mission."

“Biloxian Made Good” Honorees

The honoree is an individual who has gone beyond his or her roots to make a name in a career field in another community. Even though the honoree  is not living in Biloxi pursuing a career, the honoree has retained ties to Biloxi.


 “Biloxian Made Good” 2016

Angela Guice



Past Honorees

Jackie Sherrill

Jack Nelson

Maj. Gen. Lewis Curtis (Ret.)

Fred Haise

David Sheffield

Maj. Gen. James Garner (Ret.)

Larry Guest

Robert Morrison

Mike Couevas

T.N. Lightsey, Jr.

Lt. Gen. Michael Peterson (Ret.)

Col. Verba A. Moore (Ret.)

Roy Lee Elder, Jr. (Peter Roy)

Buddy Sheffield

Percy Howard, Jr.

Joseph C. Wink, Jr.

Shayna Steele

Col. Harold Ericksen (Ret.)

Annalyn Swan

Regina “Reggie” Lyons

Logan Skelton

Daria Pizzetta

Michael R “Mickey” Bradley